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TOLL-FREE number in USA

Call us for reservations & even for getting the info you need about us & Jewish Prague to our
Free info line in USA we'll connect you to our Kosher Restaurant in Prague Absolutly FREE !!

welcome to the new Prague Kosher info service by "Dinitz Kosher Hospitality", we're proud to 
offer you any Jewish info you need - even before you've left home ! make your reservation with
Dinitz Prague & also inquiries, get useful inside tips on Prague in advace with our Friendly team
it's free, we even pay for your international call - because in Prague Kosher restaurant DINITZ
our clients deserve the best service possible - we try harder & set the best standards for all

DINITZ Kosher Prague Toll-Free Number in USA is : +1-8557-DINITZ  
our staff will be glad to answer your questions & inquiries till 16:00 East Coast time 

* DINITZ Kosher Restaurants in Prague also have an info line in ISRAEL +972-722-6220